Elizabeth Eileen Sevy, born in February 1957 to Jan and Ralph Erickson, grandaughter of Leif and Esther Ness. Married to Marlin Sevy and parents of Marin Sevy and Lara Sevy.  
My maternal grandmothers (Esther) mother was a quilter, Janet Dove Maybee Martin. It was her quilt "French Bouquet" that was the inspiration for me to learn to quilt.   My contribution to this family art site will be quilts and perhaps handwork that I think others might enjoy.

There is certainly a long list of creativity in our family and it is not limited to "art"  but to me it has always included knitting, crocheting, tatting, cooking!, sewing, gardening, photography, and music.  These are life skills, expressions of self, and just fun things to do!  It is my wish to pass along some of these skills, to share the joy of creating by hand, and to honor those who have done so before us.
I began quilting in 1982, which was also the year I was married.  I started as a very traditional quilter doing everything by hand.  I am still torn between the old traditional quilts and processes and the newer "art" quilts and endless techniques available today.  Enjoy the journey.



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