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Creating NessPlace

The idea seed behind Nessplace was developed by Jan Erickson in December of 2008. Nearly a year later (November 2009) the first stage of the idea is about to be realized. What Jan had in mind was a way to accumulate the artwork of the extended Ness Family and our ancestors and compile that into some sort of media experience.

This media experience — be it a documentary-style movie, a video, a slideshow, whatever — was really the secondary goal. The primary goal was to find out to whom the family’s artwork had been bequeathed to, document it, and put the digital images in a central location so that anyone in the family could view them.

My immediate reaction as a web designer — which was well received by all involved — was a website where all involved could post existing artwork, new artwork, and record (through a blog) what was happening in their artistic lives (e.g. art shows, awards, etc). This served two purposes: 1) It created a centralized cloud repository for digital images of the family’s artwork to which anyone could retrieve. 2) It removes the burden of accumulating and archiving images from a single person and distributes it among those who currently hold the artwork.

As I said, the first stage is about to be realized: the artwork will be organized here by artist, biographies can be posted, artwork can be displayed. Family members and the public will be able to easily see the various artistic mediums and trends that the family occupies.

The second stage is that which has conceptualized in that very first video. What happens after all this artwork is cataloged? It’s there for any family member to create any form of media: a video, collage, slide-show, documentary. It’s there for cultural research projects, genealogically inclined family members, it’s there for ideas that haven’t even been created yet.

This Family Art Wordpress website is maintained by the extended Ness Family. Copyright is with the individual artists, please respect their work.